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Festival Snippets – Part I

Wanderlust at home

blfSo, I’ve been on a high, literally. My team in office disowned me, for I chose a certain octogenarian instead of them. But then, when the choice is between an eclectic mix of people like Ramachandra Guha, William Dalrymple, K, Satchidanandan, Shoba De, Prasoon Joshi, Farhan Akhtar, and most importantly the said octogenarian – the great and my all time favorite Gulzar sab – and a weekend in Chikmaglur , is that even a choice, I ask. If I attempt to chronicle all that I saw and heard in those three days in a literary heaven, it would take me more than a few days. So, here are some bits of conversations, snippets from here and there , gathered from the three venues and in between.

Had a glimpse of Sri Sri Ravi Sankar who is called H.H – his holiness or his highness, I am not sure. His followers…

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