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Festival Snippets – Part II

Wanderlust at home

There was a mischievous twinkle in his eyes as the husband commented, “looks as though you are rushing for a university youth festival.” “Well, what do you expect when you have two sessions of Gulzar saab and Prasoon Joshi, one with Dalrymple , another one with Shobaa De, Shashi Deshpande and V.K.Karthika, then Ramachandra Guha and finally a concert by Pandit Chaurasia?” He decided not to retort, and wisely too, I should say 🙂

Daughter had decided to join me in all enthusiasm as she looked forward to the children’s story sessions. The instruction to her was clear and strict, “Keep absolutely quiet for the first one hour, then I will do whatever you want.” She nodded in all seriousness.

prasoonAlmost all the front seats and those in the shade were already occupied by the time we reached. “So what,” I muttered and went ahead and plonked myself on the…

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