When reading turns from a passion into  an obsession,  cannot but share….

….what the author said

….what I think they meant

….what I liked

…..what I hated

…..what put me off

….what pulled me in

…..what made me sleepless

…..what made me laugh

….why the tears came

….why there was a catch in my throat

….what gave that heaviness to my heart

and what makes me read and read and read….


  1. I saw you on Parentous, and then I also chanced upon you on GoodReads – what coincidence is that! Well, I love to connect with people who are as passionate about books as I am. I loved your blog and the books you read.
    P.S. I write at Parentous too.

  2. have a book that I think would great for your site, how do I reach you via email?

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